Wormster Dash

Our upcoming game is close to release

Wormster Dash gameplay video

Get ready for our breathtaking new game, Wormster Dash!

Prepare yourself for a one-of-its-kind runner game with hidden passages, deathly traps and a dazzling fantasy world. Your task is to outrun a menacing monster you awakened when digging too deep into sacred grounds. If you’re looking for an iOS game which tests your skills, provides captivating gameplay, provokes big laughs, and presents you with a distinct audio-visual experience, then Wormster Dash will surely satisfy your gaming desires!

The whole game is hand-drawn on paper!

Watch this video on how we made Wormster Dash!

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Birdie Blast

Our 1st release, started as a funny parody game and installed by over 100,000 players

Check out the gameplay video

Birdie Blast

GREAT WEAPONS! Use rocks, bombs, TNT, guns, other birds, fruits and more, to make this maddeningly irritating feathery critter suffer!

CHALLENGING GAMEPLAY! As you reach higher and higher levels your skills are tested more and more.

COLLECT STARS! Stars are an integral part of Birdie Blast, collect as much as you can to unlock new and insane looking worlds!

DESTROY THE ENVIRONMENT! Actually, you can do much more than that. By destroying game elements such as pipes in the correct way you can use them to damage Birdie.

AMAZING GRAPHICS! Birdie Blast is set in an astonishingly colorful, skilfully drawn and cleverly animated pixel-art world. You’ll have fun even by watching someone else play.

FUN EFFECTS AND SOUNDTRACKS! Birdie Blast’s unique sounds and music are very cheerful to fit the game’s friendly theme. But next to being comic in many ways, the songs and sounds are melodic and musically interesting to listen to.

So… what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD BIRDIE BLAST GOLD EDITION NOW!


“So in that sense Birdie Blast comes across as the “Scary Movie” of casual Android games as you can do everything from shoot Flappy Bird out of the sky using the plants from Plants Vs Zombies or use Fruit Ninja swipes to bring the castles from Crush The Castle down on his head. As humorous as those scenarios may be, they would be nothing without good gameplay to accompany them and in that regard Birdie Blast largely succeeds as well.”

Tamas Meszaros

“Such a mind-blowing game. Killing softly the birdie is absolutely impossible. The softest word you can say is Brutal! Destroy him in such a merciless way is unbelievably awesome. liked it very much.”

Georgius Arga

“…has a freaking great potential! this game is exciting and not boring, keep going devs! Use this game as ur money machine…”

Pixelinvoke games in numbers

More than 125 000 players worldwide

Users played more than half million sessions with our games

Players from 128 countries enjoyed our games

Our story

When our graphic designer, Balázs showed us future concepts for games we said: “OK… We MUST start an indie game dev’ studio!” And so Pixelinvoke was founded in February 2014. We started with a team of 4, begun renting an apartment in the heart of Budapest, bought a few desks and chairs from IKEA, and jumped into the development of really fun 2D games with extraordinary graphics and sound.

By today, our team has grown. We’ve got 6 core team members and 5+ people who often join to work with us in their free-time. Our group has great game designers, developers, a composer and sound designer, as well as 2 members dedicated to marketing, user acquisition, analytics and management.

Team members

Peter Foldi

Business Development, Merchandising, Founder

Balazs Sabransky

Game Designer, Founder

Milan Makadi

Game Developer

Andras Tundik

Sound Designer and Composer

Andras Ladocsi

Game Designer

Istvan Kolbert

User Aquistion and Analytics, Founder

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